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    The launch of coloring foods for savory applications – GNT

    11 January 2018
    GNT’s launch of coloring foods for savory applications is quite an innovation in the industry. “There is an ongoing trend for clean and clear label products, and this is not just for the sweet goods, but also for the savory goods,” says Petra Thiele. “There you also see a big demand by the consumers in, for example, vegetarian meat replacement; so there color is needed as well.” Therefore, GNT decided to develop a special range for savory products with ingredients based on many raw materials that the company also used for other applications.

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The GNT portfolio comprises two brands in general:

EXBERRY® coloring Foods

GNT’s EXBERRY® coloring foods are technically advanced products for the food industry. These natural concentrates offer a wide range of brilliant, stable colors for many applications that are labelled without E-numbers. With EXBERRY® fruit and vegetable concentrates you can develop clean label products that meet with current and future market demands.

Typical raw materials for EXBERRY® coloring foods include elderberries, pumpkins, carrots and many more. EXBERRY® is considered to be the most natural way to provide color to foods and beverages, they are food ingredients and no additives (with E-numbers). EXBERRY® provides the clean label and attractive color that today’s consumers demand.

Nutrifood: The Best of Fruits and Vegetables

Nutrifood is a natural contribution to a balanced diet. Nutrifood fruit and vegetable concentrates are natural and provide a unique way to enhance a wide range of food and drink applications. By incorporating Nutrifood it is possible to “add that something extra” which improves the nutritional balance, visual appeal and taste experience.

Selection of good quality seeds is their starting point. The GNT farmers only cultivate varieties that have been proven and selected in their own trials. Harvesting takes place when the fruits and vegetables are fully ripened, since this is the stage when the phytonutrient content is optimum. GNT focuses on managing and controlling the entire supply chain, from the raw materials themselves right through to their ready-for-dispatch products. This means traceability at every stage of the process.

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