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Unicorn Grain Specialties B.V.

At Unicorn, young and experienced staff work cooperatively in the chain creating healthy ingredients for various applications. We feed more than 150 million people worldwide; in doing so, Unicorn contributes to producing sustainable and healthy food. For more than 100 years we have been working passionately at creating ingredients for the Food-, Feed- and Petfood industry.

When it comes to the functional application of grains, seeds and legumes, Unicorn is a specialist in many different fields. We are experts on two fields in particular – if we do say so ourselves – these being texture and nutritional value.

We have developed a language comprised of terms that accurately describe the effect that texture has on food experience. Using this texture language, you will instantly understand what a new or existing product does and recognize its added value. Understanding texture means speaking and thinking in texture.

Unicorn has carried out nutritional studies for its customers for many years that exactly describe the effect of the nutritional value of its products. This experience and know-how enables you to immediately understand what a new product does, and its added value is instantly clear. Understanding food means thinking and talking in terms of nutrition.

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Food Ingredients News  22 May 2018

LCI acquires Unicorn Grain Specialties, forms European leader in cereal ingredients

22 May 2018 --- Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients (LCI) has agreed to acquire 100 percent shares of Unicorn Grain Specialties from Nordian Capital. The operation will be effective in a few weeks, according to the company. Financial details of the deal have not yet been disclosed. Unicorn Grain Specialties has a strong presence in Northern Europe in the cereals and pulses ingredients markets, relying on heat treatment technologies for puffed cereals, cooking-extrusion and flaking, for example.

Food Ingredients News  29 May 2017

Special Report: Pulses Thrive on Health and Multiple Application Potential

29 May 2017 --- Packed with nutritional goodness, the health credentials of pulses is driving their use in new product developments around the world. Although consumption differs from country to country, the benefits of pulses - which includes contributing to the prevention of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and to help lower cholesterol and control weight - are universally pushing pulses’ demand. 

Food Ingredients News  18 May 2017

Unicorn Grain Launches New Product Development: BiTex Tenderness

18 May 2017 --- Unicorn Grain Specialties B.V., based in Weert the Netherlands, have announced its latest innovative addition to its BiTex functional flour range: BiTex Tenderness. This newest addition is useable for bread and brings improved texture (freshness), shelf life and is also very cost effective. 

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05 December 2017

Opportunities for meat alternatives using puffed grains – Unicorn Grain

05 Dec 2017 --- Unicorn Grain Specialties BV were exhibiting their puffed grain burger concepts aimed at the alternative meat market. Grains included are puffed quinoa and rice, which create a very interesting mouthfeel, texture and alternative to meat burgers. FoodIngredientsFirst spoke to Rene´ Coenen and Rik van Dam at FiE 2017.