Alcohol Flavors Move Beyond Beverages

Apr 2015

Alcohol flavors are appearing in highly diverse new application areas that go far beyond the obvious. New tracked products with traditional alcohol flavors can be as diverse as Pina Colada in soup, vodka in marmalade and wine in salt.

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  • 1. Supp Kultur Currysuppe Pina Colada: Pina Colada Style Curry Soup (Germany). Pina colada style curry soup made with coconut milk, pineapple and rum, in a 390ml easy-to-open aluminum can. Use it hot or cold.

Top ten trends: 2018 in review

Dec 2018

This year has seen a significant proportion of food and beverage products positioned as healthy and responsibly sourced, which reflects the top trend for 2018 from Innova Market Insights: Mindful choices. Other trends that influenced the industry in 2018, as predicted by the market researcher, were lighter enjoyment, positively processed, going full circle, beyond the coffeehouse, dining out, in, ocean garden and bountiful choice.

The Adventurous Consumer: Top Ten Trends 2019

Dec 2018

Consumers are moving out of their comfort zones to explore bolder and novel flavors from a range of global locations, as well as multisensory food experiences. Leading the Top Ten Trends for 2019, from Innova Market Insights, is “Discovery: The Adventurous Consumer,” which denotes how targeting increasingly adventurous consumers set on discoveries and experiences will be key in the food and beverage industry in 2019. Some other key trends pegged for 2019 are “Plant Kingdom,” which illustrates the continuing popularity of plant-based products and “Alternatives to All,” noting that replacement foods and ingredients are on the rise.

Beyond the cup: Coffee & tea flavors

Nov 2018

There is ample space for innovation and differentiation using tea and coffee flavors in the food and beverage market. We see tea and coffee flavors cropping up in several categories beyond hot drinks, including ice cream, sweet biscuits and beer. A focus on indulgence is likely to be a key focus in the foreseeable future.