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    Omega 3 Fortified Ice Cream Line

    19 April 2017
    Northern Ireland based Ice Cream Treats is set to introduce Yomega3, a line of omega 3 fortified Greek style frozen yogurts. The products are offered in three varieties: Mango, Vanilla and Raspberry and offer the RDA for omega 3 and vitamin D in a 65g portion, through the use of an omega 3 ingredient from Paradox. The products are also rich in vitamin D and therefore provide a great option for young children and seniors, who need to increase their intake and may not always want to go for pills for supplementation.

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Food Ingredients News 25 April 2018

Foodex 2018: Sophisticated adult beverages trend, as reduced sugar options sought

25 Apr 2018 --- Foodex 2018, which took place at the NEC in Birmingham, UK last week, featured some of the trendiest innovations in British food and drink solutions. FoodIngredientsFirst attended the event which was strong in sophisticated adult soft drinks boasting intriguing flavors and concepts. With the UK sugar tax having just come into force, there was an impressive display of low sugar, adult soft drinks that come with health claims and fruitful flavors.

Food Ingredients News 24 April 2018

Vegan NPD: Plant-based dairy alternatives thrive amid European boom

24 Apr 2018 --- Plant-based dairy alternatives are thriving in European markets, amid a surge in demand for vegetarian and vegan options. But while soy still leads, it is other plant-based options that are enjoying much stronger growth from an NPD standpoint.

Food Ingredients News 23 April 2018

French meat substitutes marketing setback: Ban on terms like “bacon” and “steak”

23 Apr 2018 --- French politicians have banned meat-like terms from describing vegetarian and vegan food which means that words such as “steak” and “fillet” will only be used for products of animal origin. MP for La République En Marche party, Jean-Baptiste Moreau, initially proposed the ban claiming that using words and phrases such as “plant burgers” or “vegetarian sausage” were misleading to consumers.

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16 April 2018

article image The rise of HPP in food production

JBT acquired HPP innovator Avure in 2017. “HPP is a pasteurization technology that has been used in the industry from the late 1990s, but we are seeing a tremendous amount of growth in new categories of product,” says Errol Raghubeer at Avure. “During the developmental stage, it was used in guacamole, salsa and RTE meats. But we have seen a very big growth in the beverage industry and not just juices, but in a wide variety of fruit & vegetable juices and that category has been growing tremendously. But we have also seen dramatic growth in new applications such as ready meals, both in the US and Canada, but also in Asia and Europe.”

13 April 2018

article image Innovations in sealed packaging

Sealpac highlighted a number of new innovations, including the roll-out of their Flatskin packaging on new machines. Marcel Veenstra at Sealpac says: “Flatskin is a skin packaging system that is very common. Skin packaging was initially based on a plastic base, tray or thermoformed pack. Responding to the demand for more sustainable materials, we have launched this system based on a cardboard carrier. As a whole, when compared to a typical skintray you would save 75 percent in plastics. Taking into account that retailers such as Iceland in the UK want to reduce the amount of plastics in their stores, this is one of the ways to achieve that. Beyond packaging meat, we have samples of fish, cheese or even soft cheese or poultry.”

11 April 2018

article image On-trend packaging systems

Weber presented two new machine concepts at Anuga FoodTec. Jan Oertel at Weber notes: “We have a couple of customer demands. Our focus is on having a full line solution to take synchronization points out of the game and make it easier for customers to have a full line solution. We present a slicer to slice cheese, meats and sausages in proportions, buffer them, take them with the automatic solution into the thermoformer, take them close to pack and off we go.”

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19 January 2018

article image Top 10 Trends for 2018: Sweet Inspiration

The leading trends driving development in snacks and confectionery are “Mindful Choices,” “Lighter Enjoyment,” “Positively Processed” and “Going Full Circle.”

Lu Ann Williams, Director of Innovation at Innova Market Insights provides an overview of the key drivers in new product innovation and how they will impact the confectionery and snacks categories.