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    Omega 3 Fortified Ice Cream Line

    19 April 2017
    Northern Ireland based Ice Cream Treats is set to introduce Yomega3, a line of omega 3 fortified Greek style frozen yogurts. The products are offered in three varieties: Mango, Vanilla and Raspberry and offer the RDA for omega 3 and vitamin D in a 65g portion, through the use of an omega 3 ingredient from Paradox. The products are also rich in vitamin D and therefore provide a great option for young children and seniors, who need to increase their intake and may not always want to go for pills for supplementation.

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Food Ingredients News 23 January 2018

Taiyo eyes new opportunities for beverages with tea extract range

23 Jan 2018 --- Ingredients specialist Taiyo has launched a new range of herbal teas, Sunphenon Instant Teas, which allow manufacturers to create tea-based products with valuable health benefits and a full tea flavor. Available in specially selected Black, Green and White Tea, Oolong, Matcha and Pu-Erh variants, the instant teas contain all of the beneficial tea ingredients in their natural ratios.

Food Ingredients News 22 January 2018

Bell Flavors highlights botanical extracts as a key theme for 2018

22 Jan 2018 --- The rapid shift towards more natural and organic products is expected to drive the global level market growth of botanical extracts, according to Bell Flavors and Fragrances. The usage of botanical extracts in food and beverage products offers great taste as well as natural flavor, together with enhanced organoleptic characteristics and improved nutritional value – underlining its growing presence in the market.

Food Ingredients News 18 January 2018

Cayuga Milk Ingredients achieves Non-GMO Project Verification

18 Jan 2018 --- Cayuga Milk Ingredients has announced that its entire portfolio of dairy ingredients recently achieved the Non-GMO Project Verification. 

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08 January 2018

article image Nomination for FiE Innovation Awards and overarching trends – Dutch Spices

Dutch Spices is meeting consumer demand for allergen free herbs, spices, blends, marinades, sauces, chutneys, stocks and bouillons with a range of solutions that exclude the 24 most known allergens: 14 allergens with compulsory labeling following the European legislation and 10 additional allergens from the LeDa-list. At FiE 2017, FoodIngredientsFirst spoke with Bob van Tuyn about the company’s latest innovations and its FiE Innovation Awards nomination.

05 January 2018

article image The launch of a new butter alternative solution – Vandemoortele

Vandemoortele highlighted its Baker's Pure Gold solution, an alternative to butter for pastry applications, at FiE 2017. “We launched Baker’s Pure Gold earlier this year and we saw that butter prices have risen really high this year, so we thought, ‘let’s work on an alternative which is equal in taste’,” says Karel Piron. In development for a couple of years, Baker’s Pure Gold is marketed as the best butter alternative on the market. It is mainly based on vegetable oils and fats and a part of butter. The melting profile is claimed to be “exactly like butter,” as are the mouthfeel and the taste profile.

22 December 2017

article image Convenience opportunities in dairy-based beverages – EPI Laita

The big innovation for EPI Laita at FiE 2017 was SoFlexi, a powder mix concept to showcase one of the company’s main ingredients, its yogurt powder with live bacteria. “With this mix of powder, you can make different beverages: a yogurt drink when you mix with water, an acid dairy drink when you mix with water and juice, and a milkshake,” says Mathieu Lucot. The product is very convenient and flexible, hence the name, and the company is proud to showcase its benefits.

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19 January 2018

article image Top 10 Trends for 2018: Sweet Inspiration

The leading trends driving development in snacks and confectionery are “Mindful Choices,” “Lighter Enjoyment,” “Positively Processed” and “Going Full Circle.”

Lu Ann Williams, Director of Innovation at Innova Market Insights provides an overview of the key drivers in new product innovation and how they will impact the confectionery and snacks categories.