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    Market Opportunities in Krill Oil

    18 May 2017
    Aker BioMarine recently reported how the company managed to grow sales and improve operations in the still-challenging omega-3 market, and continues to heavily invest in new technology and the development of new krill-derived products. Matts Johansen, CEO of Aker BioMarine, is satisfied with the result, but admitted that 2016 was still a challenging year for the company. Johansen said. “Although 2016 was a good year for Aker BioMarine, we posted slightly negative earnings after tax. The investments needed to build a supply chain for krill-based products, the resources needed to innovate and document their biological effects, and the time needed to develop new markets are reflected in our earnings.”

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Aker BioMarine


Aker BioMarine is an integrated biotechnology company – uniquely positioned to create value krill derived biotech products. The company is supplying biomarine ingredients through an optimized value chain from raw materials to customer.

Aker BioMarine utilizes its unique krill harvesting to develop its own downstream operations within the high value added nutraceutical and aquaculture feed markets.

Krill derived products, such as oil and meal, have a high content of bioactive ingredients, e.g. Omega-3 bound phospholipids and astaxanthin, which have documented positive effects on both humans and animals.

Aker BioMarine has registered Superba as the company`s brand name for nutraceutical and Qrill as the company’s brand name for its krill meal and krill oil products for aquaculture. Qrill has proven benefits to competing products in the aquaculture market. 

Following the merger with Natural in June 2007, Aker BioMarine has a wide set of capabilities within nutraceuticals (dietary supplements and functional foods) and is an experienced player in nutraceutical applications of lipids, product development, and intellectual property rights (IPR), R&D and product commercialization.

Nutrition & Health Aker BioMarine has registered Superba as the company`s brandnames for its krill oil products for the human market. The Omega-3 phospholipids and astaxanthin found in krill promote among others physical and mental health.

Aker BioMarine has registered Qrill as the company’s brand name for its krill meal and krill oil products for aquaculture feed markets. Business activities have already succeeded in establishing a broad customer base in the market for Qrill meal deliveries to the aquaculture industry.

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Palsgaard presented cake mix concepts at IFT 2017 made with sustainably sourced emulsifiers that are PHO-free. Rosa Regalado of Palsgaard explains: “A lot of the work that we have been doing is in the bakery sector. We have a unique extrusion technology. The base of that is that we have rice starch as a carrier and then we have the emulsifier fully activated surrounding the surface of the starch. This is an emulsifier in powder form that is ready to use and fully activated, but can just blend it with your dry ingredients. That makes it perfect for cake mixes, where we have a concept where all the customer has to do is add oil, water and eggs.” She stressed that the company has also made sure that these concepts are in compliance with the regulation around PHOs and are also free from saturated fats. 

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According to new data from Innova Market Insights, California almonds were the number one nut used in new products worldwide in 2016, the tenth year that almonds have held the lead position for nuts used in new product introductions. Almonds were featured in 38 percent of new food introductions featuring nuts in 2016, a five percent increase from the previous year. Key categories for worldwide almond product launches include confectionery (23 percent), bakery (20 percent) and snacks (18 percent), as well as bars (12 percent) and cereal (nine percent), which together account for 82 percent of almond product introductions.1 In more than 15 forms including almond milk, butter and flour, almonds are one of the most versatile nuts and the nut that is most top-of-mind for global consumers. Molly Spence of the Almond Board of California discusses the key trends.

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SweetPro is Corbion’s newly launched emulsifier portfolio, which delivers outstanding aeration, emulsion stability and moisture retention in sweet baked goods for greater product consistency while helping bakers eliminate PHOs and reduce saturated fat. Jim Robertson of Corbion says: “SweetPro is targeted at the sweet goods market segment and it’s all about bringing the PGME [propylene glycol monoesters] building block to our portfolio. From that we are able to create a portfolio of downstream products that enhances the quality of the sweet goods, from production to consumption.” 

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