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    Market Opportunities in Krill Oil

    18 May 2017
    Aker BioMarine recently reported how the company managed to grow sales and improve operations in the still-challenging omega-3 market, and continues to heavily invest in new technology and the development of new krill-derived products. Matts Johansen, CEO of Aker BioMarine, is satisfied with the result, but admitted that 2016 was still a challenging year for the company. Johansen said. “Although 2016 was a good year for Aker BioMarine, we posted slightly negative earnings after tax. The investments needed to build a supply chain for krill-based products, the resources needed to innovate and document their biological effects, and the time needed to develop new markets are reflected in our earnings.”

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Food Ingredients News 23 January 2017

Key Interview: Krill Oil is Game Changer in Omega-3 Space

23 Jan 2017 --- Leading krill oil supplier Aker BioMarine is looking to R&D and innovation in order to differentiate its products within the crowded Omega-3 space. CEO of the company, Matts Johansen believes innovation is certainly necessary in this space, as omega 3 players look to stand out in a market that is only just starting to recover from years of overcapacity and negative press coverage.

Business News 15 September 2016

Naturex CEO: “We Want to be a Predator, Not Prey”

15 Sep 2016 --- "We want to be a predator, not prey," says Olivier Rigaud, the chief executive of Naturex, which has reported revenues up 2.7 percent to €208m ($234m) in the six months to June 30 and is now sizing up further acquisitions. Operating income was up nearly 50 percent to €18.6m ($21m), helped by strong organic growth in emerging markets, although new stringent rules in the US nutraceutical market, such as stricter regulations on DNA testing on botanicals, hurt its performance across North America.

Business News 04 July 2016

Aker BioMarine CEO: Innovation Needed to Buck Growth Erosion in the Omega 3 Space

04 Jul 2016 --- Leading krill oil supplier Aker BioMarine is looking to innovation in order to differentiate its products within the crowded omega 3 space. Of the company’s turnover of $US105 million, $20 million was reinvested into enabling technologies and scientific support behind them. The investment led to the launch of its first krill oil concentrate. Called Superba Boost Caps, the product contains significantly more phospholipids and omega 3s compared to the previous generation of Superba Krill Oil.

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