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Business News31 October 2014

Bunge Hit by Slow Farmer Selling, Food & Ingredients on Track for Another Record Year

31 Oct 2014 --- Bunge Limited has reported that total adjusted segment EBIT of $316 million, down $72 million vs. last year. Full-year outlook remains positive; anticipate meeting or exceeding targeted combined Agribusiness-Foods ROIC of 1.5 points over WACC. Agribusiness negatively affected by slow farmer selling and ~$80 million mark-to-market hedging impact, which is largely expected to reverse upon execution in Q4. Sugar & Bioenergy is up vs. last year; on track to finish year EBIT and free cash flow neutral.

Business News31 October 2014

Danone and Mengniu Expand Their Strategic Alliance to Infant Milk Formula in China

31 Oct 2014 --- Danone is to subscribe to a private placement by Yashili, one of China’s leading infant milk companies. Upon completion of the subscription, Mengniu, currently Yashili’s majority shareholder, will hold a 51.0% equity interest and Danone will hold 25.0%.

Food Ingredients News31 October 2014

Dutch Retailer Jumbo Launches Edible Insects

31 Oct 2014 --- Jumbo is the first supermarket chain in the Netherlands that will offer edible insects in all its stores. Besides being healthy, a meal made from insects is also claimed to provide the ability to do something about global food shortages, according to the company.

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23 October 2014

article image Novel Egg Replacement in Bakery Products

Arla Foods Ingredients offers a toolbox of natural improvement solutions offering bakers optimised production processes, better quality end-products, reduced waste and cleaner labels – all at the same time. The ingredients are designed to provide industrial bakers with smoother and more efficient processes, promising easier handling of dough, batters and fillings. They also provide excellent stability, with the ability to lock in the air whipped into batters and the water kneaded into dough, resulting in optimum freshness, texture and resilience throughout a product’s shelf life.

03 October 2014

article image Combining Proteins for Optimal Nutritional Delivery

Combining dairy and vegetarian proteins holds strong potential in developing the nutrition and performance products of the future. Bruno Gehin at Roquette discusses the latest research in combining proteins.

30 September 2014

article image Trends in the Whey Ingredient Marketplace

“Volatility is always driven by an imbalance in the marketplace between supply and demand. Clearly whatever happens in the overall dairy market will have implications on the whey and lactose sectors,” says Tage Affertsholt of the consultancy 3A Business Consulting. “The fact that Russia will now more than likely displace 250,000MT of European cheese with products from other parts of the world, will have a significant impact on pricing in a European context,” he adds.

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18 November 2013

article image Trends: Natural Colors

07 November 2013

article image Trends: Sugar Reduction