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    Is the Calorie Content of Certain Foods Being Overstated

    24 October 2012 A recent study, which was conducted by a group from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), researchers used a rigorous method for determining the energy value of almonds and found that almonds may have about 20% fewer calories than originally thought.

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When you use almonds in your formulations, you’re not only adding great taste and nutrients; you’re adding a versatile ingredient that consumers demand. Almonds bring the perfect balance to any product, and people are eating them right up. In fact, since 2006, almonds have been the number one nut used in global new product introductions.* So go ahead and serve up some extra appeal with your next product, just make sure almonds are in.

*Innova Market Insights, Global New Products Report, 2011.

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Business News 13 December 2017

Aviko plans to join online grocery marketplace, INS ecosystem

13 Dec 2017 --- Subsidiary of Royal Cosun, potato processor Aviko has signaled its intention to join the direct-to-consumer movement by signing up to the INS platform, the online marketplace where producers can offer their products directly to consumers.

Food Ingredients News 13 December 2017

Innovation success for alternative proteins at FiE

13 Dec 2017 --- Alternative proteins had a strong presence at FiE in Frankfurt last month. Exhibitors showed a sustained focus on alternative protein concepts, with a number of innovations and concepts creating a real buzz at this year’s show. FoodIngredientsFirst looks at a few of the offerings being exhibited at this year’s event.

Food Ingredients News 13 December 2017

Food made from discarded ingredients could be a big hit, according to research

13 Dec 2017 --- A new study has found the strong potential for the consumer acceptance of a new category of foods created from discarded ingredients with the latest focus on a relish made entirely from ingredients that were destined to be dumped.

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14 December 2017

article image Developing new protein solutions – Essentia Protein Solutions

Essentia Protein Solutions is doing a lot in terms of branding and repositioning the company. “We have a new focus because we are known for being experts and having our strong points in meat and savory, our animal-based proteins, and we’re refocusing to move into other areas as well,” says Asger Jacobsen. These areas include meat snacks, general nutrition products, the increased proteins trend and generally helping customers with challenges and opportunities they have.

13 December 2017

article image New service for sugar reduction – Tereos

Tereos highlighted its Sweet and You concept at FiE 2017, an interesting service for sugar reduction. Of course, this comes at the time of a big trend toward sugar reduction, with sugar taxes coming into effect in the UK and Ireland in 2018. “I can only confirm that today the main trend in the food industry is all about sugar reduction, based on what the European Union has published as food optimization guidelines, but also based on what the sugar tax proposals are in Europe,” says Kristine Van Den Steen. The main target is to achieve less added sugars in the main food categories, and this is the service Tereos offers today with the Sweet and You project.

12 December 2017

article image Offering clean label solutions for emulsions & caramel colors – DDW

DDW promoted a number of new innovations at FiE 2017. “We have our NaturBrown  range, which are clean-label solutions for caramel colors, so these come from 100 percent natural sources such as caramelized apple, caramelized onion, caramelized tomato and caramelized garlic,” Christine Cuddihy explains. The company is also promoting its EmulsiTech range, which includes betacarotene and paprika emulsions, and these are available in clear and cloudy forms. They were mainly developed to work in beverages, but they work in a wide variety of applications as well.

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