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Amino Acids, Confectionery - For Bakery Industry, Emulsifiers and Emulsifier Systems, Fibers, Flavors and Aromas, Minerals and Food Supplements, Nutraceutical and Functional Food Ingredients, Preservatives, Sweeteners (Non-Sugar), Vitamins, Yeast and Yeast Products

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Faravelli Group

FARAVELLI GROUP is a world leader in the distribution of raw materials for all industrial sectors.

To the FOOD industry we can offer a large range of high quality ingredients including sugars, intensive sweeteners, thickeners, stabilizers, preservatives, antioxidants, inactive yeasts and extracts, leavening agents, vitamins, proteins, flavors, functional systems.

Our ingredients are found in all food applications, such as dairy products/desserts, ice-creams, meat, convenience foods, bakery, confectionery, beverages, food supplements and sports nutrition.

We also produce a range of functional systems for the food industry. FARA® functional systems are studied and conceived by our in-house Food Application Lab. Based on hydrocolloids, they help defining structure and texture of finished products, optimizing properties and shelf life stability.

Each Food Division is able to offer also a range of feed technical additives to enhance product production and processing, nutritional additives for animal health and development, sensory additives for flavor, and a range of premixes.

Our success is based on a peculiar and very efficient step-by-step process, starting from a selective choice of our partners: all our partners are market leaders with a global reputation, selected among the most reliable companies, able to guarantee outstanding quality, innovation and flexibility.


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Business News  28 April 2015

KEY INTERVIEW: Faravelli Uses A Novel Approach to Customer Communication

28 Apr 2015 --- Use of innovative multi-media communication techniques on a business-to-business model is what has set Faravelli Group apart and led to it being shortlisted to the finals of the European Business Awards this May. Faravelli, which trades in and distributes food ingredients as well as supplying the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and biochemical industries with ingredients, uses a variety of media like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to stay in touch with its customers. Dr Guido Rovati, Sales & Marketing Director of Faravelli Group spoke to FoodIngredientsFirst about how Faravelli has kept up with the times since its inception in 1926, including the opening of a new office in the US last year, and the launch of Faravelli Trading.

Business News  09 April 2014

Faravelli Group Outlines Growth Opportunities for US Operations

09 Apr 2014 --- Faravelli has identified multiple opportunities in the US, and its ability to offer concepts such as natural alternatives to traditional food additives should give its new US operations a strong foothold in this market, the company stated. The Italian global food distributor announced last week that it had opened its first American outpost of the company in Los Angeles, California.

Business News  04 April 2014

Faravelli Group Heads Overseas to Start its New US Enterprise

04 Apr 2014 --- Italian global food distributor, the Faravelli Group, has opened its first American outpost of the company in Los Angeles, California. The company distributes raw materials for a range of markets including food and cosmetics.