Packaging & Technology News

Arla to launch Mimica Touch “bumpy” labels capable of minimizing food waste

19 Mar 2018 --- Danish milk, cheese and cream giant, Arla, is set to introduce a new high-tech food label that turns ‘bumpy’ when food has expired on its dairy products. The innovation – developed by a start-up company, Mimica, holds hope of reducing food waste as labels deteriorate at the same rate as the packaged product, providing consumers with an accurate indication as to whether food is edible, or ready for the bin.

KHS launches new wide-neck PET containers as lightweight plastic trend continues

16 Mar 2018 --- German giants of filling and packaging solutions for the food and beverage industry, KHS, have launched a new lightweight, wide-neck PET container suitable for sauce, dressing and dairy products. The company has cited the growing preference for lightweight plastic over glass containers within the food industry as the inspiration behind the new launch.

Microplastics found in 11 major global bottled water brands

15 Mar 2018 --- Landmark discoveries from New Orb Media have found potentially harmful plastic particles in the water bottles of 11 leading global brands, including Dasani (Coca-Cola), Epura (PepsiCo), Aqua (Danone) and Nestlé Pure Life and San Pellegrino (Nestlé). Exclusive testing was conducted on more than 250 bottles from nine different countries, with 93 percent found to have contained plastic debris the size of the width of a human hair, including polypropylene, nylon, and polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

SIG and Amcor unite in commitment to responsibly sourced aluminum

13 Mar 2018 --- SIG and Amcor – two of the world’s largest packaging companies – have formed a value chain partnership which commits to using 100 percent certified sourcing of aluminum. The pledge aims to meet the performance standards as recommended by the Aluminum Stewardship Initiative (ASI). Amcor is one of SIG’s main suppliers of aluminum in Europe.

Smurfit Kappa open to improved International Paper bid after initial rejection, claim reports

08 Mar 2018 --- The board of Smurfit Kappa announced yesterday their rejection of what they referred to as a ”fundamentally opportunistic and conditional” takeover bid from US-based International Paper. Europe’s largest producer of cardboard-boxes has, however, been more recently linked with a willingness to negotiate an improved bid if International Paper decide to raise their offer.

World first: Plastic-free supermarket aisle opens in Amsterdam

01 Mar 2018 --- Organic supermarket chain, Ekoplaza, has opened the world’s first plastic-free aisle in its Amsterdam store in what is seen as a major victory for the international A Plastic Planet campaign. Plans are ahead to roll-out further plastic-free aisles across all of Ekoplaza’s 74 branches by the end of 2018, including a new store in The Hague, which is set to open later this year.

Plastic Recyclers Europe criticizes EU’s recycling approval delay “obstacle”

05 Oct 2017 --- The Plastic Recyclers Europe (PRE) group has issued a statement critical of the EU’s delay in approval of recycling processes in food contact applications, calling it: “an obstacle to the circular economy.” More than nine years have passed since the publication of the Regulation (EC) No. 282/2008 setting up the rules on the use of recycled plastic materials in food applications, PRE notes.

Supercontinuum lasers could lead to better bread and beer, according to research

21 Sep 2017 --- Researchers from the Department of Food Science (FOOD) at the University of Copenhagen and the Department of Chemistry at Aarhus University have announced that they are the first in the world to analyze whole grains with long near-infrared wavelengths using the supercontinuum laser. The research may lead to better bread and beer, according to the University of Copenhagen.

Tetra Pak pioneers ice cream extrusion line for precision cutting

18 Sep 2017 --- Tetra Pak has created patented technology in its latest ice cream innovation that is tipped as an industry first that ensures speedy and precise cutting. The multinational food packaging and processing sub-company of Tetra Laval, has launched an ice cream extrusion line that promises unparalleled product quality and volume flexibility for medium-capacity producers.

Researchers develop breakthrough test to detect E. coli in drinking water

08 Sep 2017 --- Researchers at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, have invented a fast, affordable way for developing communities to test their drinking water for potentially deadly E.coli. Unlike current tests that cost about US$70 and can take up to three days to get back from the lab, the Waterloo invention uses paper strips similar to those in litmus tests to produce results in less than three hours at a cost of 50 cents.

Google and Oreo team up to reveal Android Oreo

23 Aug 2017 --- Google has revealed that the next version of its mobile operating system, Android, is to be named after the popular cookie brand Oreo. Historically, Google has named each successive Android release after sweet treats like Eclair, Ice Cream Sandwich and most recently, Nougat.

BRC publishes new guidance on food packaging

22 Aug 2017 --- Brand and consumer protection organization, BRC Global Standards has published the first edition of food packaging materials guidance. It’s geared towards achieving a common understanding, terminology and point of reference for good practice for businesses involved in the delivery of food and to prevent substances from packaging materials from getting into food.

UK beverage carton industry celebrates ten years of recycling

15 Aug 2017 --- In 2007, a bring bank collection system was launched for beverage cartons as the first stage of a strategy to increase recycling in the UK. When the initiative began, just 10 percent of UK local authorities collected beverage cartons for recycling. By mid-2007, a further 65 percent were using the bring-bank system, with the remaining 25 percent sending cartons to landfill or energy from waste.

US: Disparate food labels confuse consumers and contribute to food waste, claims poll

26 Jul 2017 --- One school of thought towards the contributing factors of food waste is the fact that labeling doesn’t help consumers truly understand how best to store and eat their foods. It perhaps even makes things more confusing, therefore leading to an unnecessary amount of food being discarded.

Buhler SORTEX Technology Meets Food Safety Standards in Snack, Seeds & Popcorn Market

26 Jun 2017 --- SORTEX technology is playing an important role in the success of one of Europe’s leading nut and seed snack processors, as it continues to expand in the private label sector and with its own, widely recognized “Mogyi” brand and sub-brands - such as its recently launched Caramoon caramel coated popcorn, Gastropop savory popcorn, and flavored sunflower seeds.  Mogyi Kft. attributes its growth to its ability to adapt to customer needs and maintaining exemplary food safety standards, underpinned by advanced processing technology.

Researchers Develop Coated Fabric to Determine Freshness of Oranges

13 Jun 2017 --- Scientists have found a quick and reliable way to test the freshness of the fruit and it all starts with a small strip of coated fabric developed at FIU.

SGS Explores Use of DNA for Food Authenticity, Traceability & Safety

02 Jun 2017 --- SGS has developed a range of techniques and technologies to ensure its clients know exactly what is in complex food samples, achieving a long-pursued aim. 

Tesco Target Food Waste with Resealable Bags

30 May 2017 ---  Shoppers in the UK are to be given a helping hand to reduce food waste thanks to Tesco’s new resealable salad bags. 

ADM Selects KMS System for Plant Upgrade

02 May 2017 --- Koch Membrane Systems (KMS), a leader in membrane filtration technologies, announced in conjunction with Archer Daniel Midlands Company (ADM) the planned upgrade of the water treatment plant for ADM’s Southern Cellulose facility in Chattanooga, TN.

Bühler’s Nut Sorting Technology Offers “Zero Tolerance” Approach to Meeting Food Safety Standards

03 Apr 2017 --- Industry and consumer pressure for a “zero tolerance” approach to contamination is driving unprecedented demand for Bühler’s SORTEX E optical sorters, with sales doubling, following the introduction of SORTEX BioVision technology in 2015.