Ingredion Launches New Clean Label Carrageenan Replacer


5 Sep 2013 --- Global ingredient solutions provider, the Ingredion group of companies is launching the first clean label ingredient that can replace carrageenan in the formulation of dairy-based puddings, custards and vlas. The breakthrough co-texturiser, NOVATION Indulge 2740 is being launched in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and is the only carrageenan substitute to be simply labelled as ‘starch’. It can contribute to a natural, additive-free positioning, without compromising the texture quality of the final product.

Delivering high initial body and fast melt away, NOVATION Indulge 2740 mimics the texture profile of carrageenan to thicken and stabilise dairy-based desserts. The new clean label ingredient can withstand high cooking temperatures and offers superior stability, to provide a functional alternative to carrageenan. Easy-to-use, NOVATION Indulge 2740 has a neutral flavour profile and is highly versatile, making it suitable for use in all common dairy-based pudding, custard and vla applications.

“The clean label trend is growing in popularity throughout Europe and often consumers are willing to pay a premium for puddings with no artificial ingredients,” comments Corinna Faustmann, principal application technologist – dairy at Ingredion Germany GmbH. “At the same time, dairy desserts must continue to deliver the sensory attributes such as creamy, rich, smooth and velvety that are commonly associated with an indulgent eating experience.

“Traditionally, carrageenan has played an important role in the formulation of dairy puddings, custards and vlas, yet it is viewed by consumers in some European countries as an unacceptable ingredient. With NOVATION Indulge 2740, dairy manufacturers can achieve a complete clean label for the first time and deliver the indulgent textures that consumers have come to expect. Thanks to the launch of this new clean label co-texturiser, manufacturers can now create premium positioned, added-value products to stand out from the crowd in today’s competitive dairy market.”

NOVATION Indulge 2740 is the latest addition to Ingredion’s clean label portfolio, which includes more than 25 clean label starches to deliver superior functionality and performance and can contribute to an additive-free positioning. Ingredion has been actively involved in the clean label trend since its inception over twenty years ago and its clean label reformulation expertise can save manufacturers time and money when looking to produce high quality, clean label products.

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