Vanilla is now not so vanilla

Jun 2017

The universally loved flavor of vanilla is increasingly being applied in new market territories. There is growing differentiation in the flavorings market, with recent examples including whipped vanilla, vanilla cheesecake and spiced vanilla. Vanilla is also being teamed with other ingredients, resulting in some new and interesting flavor combinations.

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  • Morlife Spiced Vanilla Flavored Tumeric Latte Powder (Australia). Morlife turmeric latte is an enchanting golden herbal blend, enriched with subtle hints of vanilla and cinnamon. With functional ingredients including prebiotic fibers (inulin and fructooligosaccharides), ginger extract and black pepper extract, it is the perfect drink to relax with and enjoy at any time of the day.


Dairy diversification

Nov 2017

Dairy is one of the most active categories in the global food and beverages industry. Dairy products are naturally fortified with protein, which is highly valued by consumers. Through continuous innovation, the industry provides diversified choices to fulfill consumers’ specific demands. Many highlights have been observed within the new product development of dairy. Driven by Greek yogurt’s huge success, high-protein products featuring Skyr are set to surge outside of its hometown of Iceland and spread to the rest of the world. In addition to almond milk and soy milk, alternative dairy drinks with different plant bases are appearing in the market. More premium products are offering consumers with enhanced indulgent experience.

In a nutshell: Nuts & seeds NPD

Oct 2017

As natural ingredients, nuts and seeds have been widely applied in food and beverage products for a long time. Consumers show great interest in these healthy ingredients because of their inherent benefits. Nowadays, not only whole nuts and seeds, but also nut butters, nut milks, nut oils and exotic seeds – such as chia and quinoa – have taken off in the global market. Active platforms for their application include high/source of fiber/protein, digestive/gut health, immune health and brain health.

Chocolate NPD explores new frontiers

Oct 2017

Chocolate is being widely used across various product categories, either as a base or as a source of flavor. The most active categories for chocolate applications include bakery, confectionery and desserts & ice cream. Additionally, chocolate is increasingly being used in soups, alcoholic beverages and flavored bottled waters. Meanwhile, finished products with chocolate are offering more health benefits, such as skin health and heart health, in combination with other nutrients. Cacao nibs are an emerging ingredient for chocolate application, featuring a chocolate flavor, crunchy texture and extra health benefits.