Mix and match: Vanilla flavor combination

Nov 2017

The flavor vanilla has been used in food and beverages products for a long time. Over the past year, the number of global new product launches tracked with vanilla flavor has increased by 46 percent. Ice-cream, Sweet biscuits/cookies and Sports powders are the top 3 sub-categories in which a vanilla flavor has been applied. Except for the classic flavor blend with chocolate, strawberry and caramel, vanilla has been combined with more new flavors in new product launches to satisfy consumers’ demand for novelty.

10 / 10
  • Think Thin Protein And Fiber Hot Oatmeal: Madagascar Vanilla With Almonds And Pecans (Hong Kong). Power up, perfectly. The thick, rich texture features whole rolled oats, steel cut oats and the super-grain red quinoa, deliciously balanced with a mouthwatering assortment of almond and pecan pieces along with real Madagascar vanilla bean—crushed for a sweet, creamy flavor. Contains 10g protein, 5g fiber and 190 calories. Non GMO Project Verified.  


Meat free tastes: Flexitarian trend

May 2018

The increased demand for plant-based diets has resulted in a diverse range of product innovation which targets vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian consumers. The trend represents a growing opportunity for high-quality meat alternatives, which is also reflected in the 11 percent average annual growth in global meat substitute launches recorded between 2013 and 2017. A desire to cut down on meat, rather than cutting it out altogether, has given rise to growing numbers of consumers who identify themselves “flexitarians.” These consumers regularly swap meat for plant-based proteins, for environmental and ethical reasons, and generally prefer quality over quantity when it comes to purchasing meat.

Sweet tooth: Vanilla expansion

Apr 2018

Vanilla products around the world continue to show off a creative variety of new flavors. Whether it’s through flavor combinations or inventive new applications on its own, the many different types of products that utilise a vanilla flavor may be surprising. There is a growing interest in vanilla products that are certified organic, GMO free and fair trade. Currently, the majority of vanilla is used in sweet applications, but the flavor is emerging in other categories such as soft drinks and alcoholic beverages demonstrating Vanilla's diverse potential, which keeps it a number one choice for consumers.

Transparency: Sourcing claims

Apr 2018

Ethical claims are an important feature of food and beverage, household items and personal care product marketing. Consumers are increasingly concerned by how their products are produced, where the ingredients come from, if they are sustainably sourced, who the producers are and if they are fairly paid. Sourcing claims are likely to become the new industry standard in new food and beverage products and companies need to be more transparent than ever about their product sources in order to gain consumer’s trust.