Soft drinks sophistication

Sep 2017

With an increased demand for healthy beverages and the continued consumer backlash against sugary soft drinks, manufacturers are under increasing pressure to adapt and re-engage their consumers. As a result, health claims such as no added sugar are fast growing in this category. Still and sparkling water innovations are on the rise as consumers look to healthier alternative drinks with a natural image. The soft drinks category is seeing an increased number of launches with ingredients benefiting digestive health such as fiber and probiotics. Looking at flavor innovations, herbs and spices are on the rise, while adult flavor profiles which mimic those of alcoholic beverages show potential.

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  • Bio Synergy Skinny Mojito Flavored Sparkling Water (UK). No added sugar sparkling, lime, mint and rum flavored spring water drink with chromium, L-carnitine and sweetener. High in chromium and contains L-carnitine. With sweetener. Zero sugar. Suitable for vegetarians. No added sugar  


Vanilla: A classic with a modern twist

Sep 2017

Vanilla is one of the most classic and dominating flavors in categories such as Ice Cream, Cookies and Yogurts. Although vanilla is a well-established flavor in some market categories, in others it is still emerging or steadily continuing to gain ground. A look at the categories where the use of vanilla flavor is currently growing the fastest uncovers a range of great modern product profiles starring this well-loved flavor.

Beefing up meatless innovation

Sep 2017

Innovation in products featuring vegetarian and vegan claims is high on the agenda as the flexitarian trend is impacting more consumers. Manufacturers are actively providing consumers with more diverse meatless products, not limited to vegetarian burgers and tofu. A variety of meat substitute products has been developed and launched in the market, featuring different product bases, textures and flavors.