Mix and match: Vanilla flavor combination

Nov 2017

The flavor vanilla has been used in food and beverages products for a long time. Over the past year, the number of global new product launches tracked with vanilla flavor has increased by 46 percent. Ice-cream, Sweet biscuits/cookies and Sports powders are the top 3 sub-categories in which a vanilla flavor has been applied. Except for the classic flavor blend with chocolate, strawberry and caramel, vanilla has been combined with more new flavors in new product launches to satisfy consumers’ demand for novelty.

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Bottoms up: Beverage trends

Mar 2018

Today’s consumers want more from their beverages. They cannot simply hydrate and quench thirst. Though these attributes remain as motivations for consumption, nutrition and health benefits are increasingly key considerations. Furthermore, authenticity is key to stand out from the crowd. New textures, exotic ingredients, unusual flavor combinations and creative packaging are all necessary to catch the eye of the consumer.

What goes around, comes around: Circular economy and waste reduction

Feb 2018

Contributing to a circular economy and waste reduction is both a challenge and an opportunity for food and beverage businesses. From startups to multinationals, environment positioning is paramount. This can be achieved by reducing resource input, waste and emissions, adopting sustainable practices and also through impact compensation programs. How to preserve the value of resources with as little impact on the environment as possible while capitalizing on disruptions within the industry is the key to a sustainable yet profitable business.