Flavor creativity: NPD in action

Aug 2017

Flavor innovation is ever-evolving as food and beverage manufacturers strive to produce the next big flavor hit, with inspiration behind new flavor development coming from a wide variety of sources. Flavor combinations are indeed becoming more complex. In addition, unique applications of ingredients are being used for their health benefits, resulting in some novel flavor profiles.

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  • Asda Extra Special Woodfired Carbonara Pizza (UK). Woodfired pizza base topped with a creamy sauce, smoke flavor bacon, mushrooms and Emmental cheese  


Vibrant, fresh and clean label: Natural Colors

Jul 2018

Consumers often associate rich colors with freshness, quality and good taste. Natural colors offer benefits as they open up opportunities to deliver vibrantly colored foods with a clean label. Also, in this social media age, vibrant, natural foods are inherently “instagrammable.” Think charcoal, curcumin, beetroot and spirulina.

Touch of convenience: Novelty fruit and veg applications

Jul 2018

Consumers with health on the mind are looking for ways to reach their healthful fruit and vegetable goals, without sacrificing taste or convenience. To keep up, manufacturers should be continually innovating with interesting shapes, premium processing techniques and new flavors, offered in convenient packaging. A touch of novelty can go a long way.

Global flavors: Diversity in ready meals

Jun 2018

There is an ongoing interest in ethnic recipes for ready meal categories and vegetarian and vegan options continue to soar. Protein claims have seen the greatest rise in interest with its share more than doubling from 12 percent in the first half of 2016 to 26 percent in the first half of 2017, according to Innova Market Insights. Offering a great variety of flavors, formats and recipes, while tapping into consumer trends and health benefits, is paramount to keep consumers engaged.