Nutritional innovators eye growth platforms at SupplySide West 2017

Sep 2017

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  • Fiberstar
    Fiberstar, Inc. manufactures and sells Citri-Fi, a natural citrus fiber made by a patented clean process. Citri-Fi’s large surface area provides high water holding capacity and natural emulsification properties. These properties are ideal for dairy, bakery, sauces & beverages to improve texture, nutrition and/or cost savings. Citri-Fi is also used as a clean label functional plating agent replacing silica, modified starches or maltodextrins. The fiber is free-flowing when loaded at 25 percent with oil-soluble flavors or vitamins, which are emulsified in a beverage. Citri-Fi provides oil stabilization once dispersed and improves the mouthfeel, texture and clouding in the final beverage.