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Food Ingredients News 16 August 2017

Tate & Lyle expands instant clean label starch offering

16 Aug 2017 --- Tate & Lyle PLC has announced further expansion on its line of CLARIA Functional Clean-Label Starches with the introduction of two new instant starch products: CLARIA Instant 340 and 360. According to Innova Market Insights, claims such as “smooth”, “luscious” and “velvet” continue to grow, manufacturers are eager to develop textures consumers love. In addition, almost one-third of products launched in 2016 carried one or more clean-label claim.

Food Ingredients News 28 July 2017

Kroener-Staerke launches clean label solution for batters

28 Jul 2017 --- German natural starch producer, Kröner-Stärke has turned its attention to the convenience foods market. With a view to cleaning up the unhealthy image of breaded or battered foodstuffs, the company has developed wheat starches which allow food processors to formulate on-trend, clean-label products which are rich in texture and taste, but contain no chemicals.

Food Ingredients News 25 July 2017

New Ingredion clean label viscosifier improves yield in meat

25 Jul 2017 --- Ingredion has launched a new clean label, potato-based functional native starch for cost-sensitive meat applications. NOVATION Uno 190 starch enables manufacturers to improve yield by 10-20% thereby delivering significant cost savings.

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21 August 2014

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Moving Beyond Caramel Color

DD Williamson (DDW) recently completed the acquisition of the food coloring product line and related processing equipment from Danisco USA, a part of DuPont Nutrition & Health. DDW’s expanded natural coloring operation in Port Washington, WI has manufactured all products following the transaction in December 2013. The acquisition broadened DDW’s portfolio of natural color solutions for customers and positioned DDW as the largest manufacturer of annatto-based food colorings in North America.

06 August 2014

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Novel Product Development With Emulsifiers

Palsgaard has launched a number of innovations in emulsifiers and stabilizers for baking, margarine, dairy, ice cream and many other applications, including solutions for lean-label cakes and gluten-free products. The company presented Emulpals 110 emulsifier, a whipping emulsifier based on specially selected polyglycerol esters and mono- and diglycerides optimized for perfect performance in cake systems.

01 July 2014

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The Launch of Advantame as a New Sweetening Solution

Advantame was approved for general use as a sweetener in foods and beverages by the US Food & Drug Administration on May 19. Advantame is also FEMA GRAS approved in the United States for use in frozen dairy applications, milk products, beverages and chewing gums. The ingredient has found success in North America and Asia in applications where it is used to enhance various flavours. Advantame also extends the duration of the sweet taste in confectionery.

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23 March 2014

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5 Key Ingredient Trends

Five prominent ingredient trends have been identified in 2014, with impact for both manufacturers and suppliers: More with Less (lowering waste and cost), Away with the Demons (sugar and salt reduction) , Go Natural (removing artificial colors), Bridging the Protein Gap (new protein sources) and EFSA Survivors (approved health claims).

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26 August 2014

Formulating gelatin-free yogurt with a new cost-effective ingredient

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ETENIA 457 maltodextrin offers a unique gelatin replacement solution in yogurt. It efficiently replaces gelatin without compromising sensory properties or stability, while meeting the dietary requirements of kosher, halal and vegetarian/vegan.

03 June 2014

Extending the shelf life of food products containing fruit

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How URC® ingredients are key to mitigating moisture transfer by controlling water activity in baked goods, cereals and snacks, while delivering exceptional taste.

05 May 2014

Non-GMO ingredients

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Ingredion Incorporated, a leading global provider of ingredient solutions to diversified industries, has published a new fact sheet entitled “Non-GMO Ingredients - Move to the forefront of the non-GMO trend with Ingredion.”

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