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    The Trend Towards Clean Label

    12 January 2015 “Both consumers and regulators are moving towards cleaner foods and greater transparency in their labelling. This is a trend that we in the food industry need to take cognizance of."

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Synthite Industries Ltd


Synthite has an illustrious record of creating innovative products and solutions for the food and beverage industry. From making products ‘flavour intense’ to helping stabilize taste, aroma and color, we stretch the boundaries of technology to create customised solutions for our clients.

We live in a time, when the demand for ‘natural’ and ‘healthy’ ingredients is putting product labels across the globe under extreme scrutiny. Synthite helps its clients combat this and rise to the challenge with a bevy of specialized ingredients and services.

Currently we have over 500 products in our portfolio. This includes everything from efficacious herbal extracts, to a broad range of flavour solutions, from a palette of natural colors and antioxidants, to specialized phytonutrients. At Synthite, we provide the most creative product solutions for the health and wellness industry.

Our in house teams comprising of R&D, sensory, application also collaborate with clients to help them realize their end goals. From bringing innovative product concepts to life, to refining our client’s existing product offering, Synthite is dedicated to making healthy products accessible. Because we believe in sharing the goodness of nature!

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Food Ingredients News 25 August 2016

Synthite Adopts Nanotechnology Process to Create Intense Colored Natural Extracts

25 Aug 2016 --- Indian extracts company Synthite has introduced a new line of colors derived from a nanotechnology process that offers a much brighter and better hue and therefore requires far lower dosages in use. Vextrano is the result of incessant research and scientific deliberations with an aim to give key characteristics to spices and spice derived products at an elemental level. The purpose of the exercise is multi-faceted with a view to develop an array of novel products that can achieve customized applications in food, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. 

Business News 15 December 2015

KEY INTERVIEW: Synthite Commits to Local Spice Ingredients Processing With Backward Integration

15 Dec 2015 --- Synthite was among the first in India to enter into the nascent field of spice oleoresin manufacturing. Today, Synthite has become the global leader in spice oleoresins and other plant-derived natural product solutions with a turnover of over US$225 million; commanding over 30% share of the global market. Director Aju Jacob explained to FoodIngredientsFirst how Synthite is making its way from a commodity player to the supermarket shelf. 

Business News 17 August 2015

Fi Asia to Mark 20 Years at Bangkok Show, as ASEAN Region Shows New Growth Potential

17 Aug 2015 --- South East Asia’s leading food and natural ingredients event, Food ingredients (Fi) Asia & Natural ingredients (Ni), will take place in less than one month from September 9-11, 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand. This is the premier event in Asia offering food & beverage manufacturers and producers the opportunity to find new suppliers and to source food and natural ingredients. 

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05 September 2016

article image The Rise of Clean Label Solutions

Synthite is strengthening its position in the US market, amid a growing demand for natural color solutions. Lee Hurlbut of Synthite discusses the rise of clean label solutions and the development of the company’s portfolio.