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    The Launch of an Innovative Human Milk Oligosaccharide

    06 December 2016
    FrieslandCampina Domo has recently launched its latest high quality infant nutrition ingredients: Vivinal Milk Fat and Human Milk Oligosaccharides (2’-Fucosyllactose) to meet this need. 2’-FL is a breakthrough innovation for the infant formula industry. Godert Zijlstra of FrieslandCampina Domo says: “Human milk contains 200 or more complex sugar molecules. The most abundant one is 2’-FL, which is a very interesting recently researched compound in breast milk that we can now make available for the infant nutrition B2B ingredient market. It can stimulate the healthy growth of bifidobacteria and it has been heavily researched for its anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects, especially in the area of diarrhea prevention, which is a big risk in infants.” 

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Business News 20 October 2017

Firmenich commits to 100 percent sustainable juice

20 Oct 2017 --- Firmenich has signed the Sustainable Juice Covenant, joining forces with leading European beverage and food companies to commit to creating 100 percent sustainable juice and puree by 2030. Under the coordination of IDH: the Sustainable Trade Initiative, Firmenich, Döhler, FrieslandCampina Riedel, Refresco and Verbruggen Juice Trading Sustainable Products b.v., have agreed to target 100 percent verified sustainable sourcing for their juices within the next decade.

Business News 27 September 2017

Schumacher to succeed Joosten as FrieslandCampina CEO

27 Sep 2017 --- Royal FrieslandCampina N.V. will appoint Hein Schumacher as Chief Executive Officer of the dairy company from January 1, 2018. Hein Schumacher will succeed Roelof Joosten, who will resign as Chief Executive Officer. The news comes several weeks after Royal FrieslandCampina N.V. announced plans to simplify the organization into four global business groups: Consumer Dairy, Specialised Nutrition, Ingredients and Basic Dairy.

Nutrition & Health News 22 September 2017

Timing protein intake and overnight recovery crucial to sports performance

22 Sep 2017 --- Timing protein intake is a crucial part of a nutrition strategy aimed at maximizing the result of a training effort. FrieslandCampina DMV has learned this from research on elite athletes and that the importance of overnight recovery is underestimated. Test research insights on protein timing suggest that there is a window of opportunity for muscle recovery throughout the night. Protein for muscle protein synthesis, directly after exercise and before bedtime is an area of opportunity which FrieslandCampina is discussing with customers, in order to bring this research forward. 

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13 June 2017

article image The Mainstreaming of Sports Nutrition

As sports nutrition has continued its move into the mainstream, one major feature has been the rising interest in active nutrition, giving a performance positioning to more food and beverage products. Benno van Mersbergen of FrieslandCampina DMV discusses the market trend and business opportunities.

06 January 2017

article image The Potential for Casein Protein in Overnight Recovery

FrieslandCampina DMV presented Excellion Calcium Caseinate S “Overnight recovery protein” at HIE 2016. Studies show that casein ingestion prior to sleep increases muscle mass and strength. With Excellion Calcium Caseinate S, containing >90% casein protein, customers can create a neutral tasting Recovery drink with an excellent stability and mouthfeel enabling a release of amino acids in the bloodstream over 7 hours. Benno van Mersbergen of FrieslandCampina DMV explains: “Athletes commonly take a shake with whey protein after exercise, which is very effective in increasing muscle mass and the recovery of muscle. There is however one moment in the day that we found that everybody is lacking protein: during the night we don’t eat. Whey is fast processed in the diet, which is why it is very popular in recovery today.” 

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