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    On Trend Clean Label Flavor Solutions

    17 March 2017
    Founded in 1998, Nactis Flavours is specialised in the production of aromatic raw materials, flavours, aromatic and functional ingredients for industrial operators, including the food and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as small-scale food producers and the catering trade. Gerard Trivier tells FoodIngredientsFirst: "The new Sevarome range are made using natural flavors, with leaves and flower notes and we also have some new organic prodcuts. There is a big trend towards floral flavors, and vanilla."

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Tradin Organic Agriculture B.V.


Tradin Organic sources premium certified organic food ingredients for the international food industry and develops its own sourcing initiatives and processing operations worldwide. For these projects we get involved in the entire supply chain from cultivation to processing to export, directly sourcing more than 150 products from more than 60 origins.

The holistic nature of organic agriculture considers environmental and social impacts, from the soil right to the final product. The growth of the organic food market reflects the combined efforts of the food industry to minimize its impact on the planet. This integrated process is our mission: from farm to the market, we strive to work with the utmost respect for people and planet.

Since 2008 Tradin Organic is part of the International Foods Group of SunOpta Inc., a leading global company focused on natural, organic and specialty foods.

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Business News 19 October 2017

IFF: Re-Imagine Programs accelerate innovation and tap into unmet consumer opportunities

19 Oct 2017 --- Innovator of sensory experiences, International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (IFF), has launched Re-Imagine programs to accelerate innovation and increase agility to capture unmet opportunities in the changing food and beverage market. Based on a combination of future trends analysis, consumer insights, and a modernized cross-category development process, the programs guide the company’s research and development efforts to ensure an innovation pipeline that addresses evolving consumer needs and desires.

Food Ingredients News 18 October 2017

Taura showcase sugar-reducing powers of fruit & vegetable pieces

18 Oct 2017 --- Natural fruit and vegetable pieces are the ideal way to reduce added sugar without compromising on taste, according to Taura Natural Ingredients. The company has discovered unique URC (Ultra-Rapid Concentration) technology to create real fruit and vegetable pieces, flakes and pastes which offer solutions to reduce added sugar in applications such as baked goods and cereals.

Food Ingredients News 17 October 2017

Superfoods: (Part 1) The evolution of nutrient-rich food for health-conscious consumers

17 Oct 2017 --- Superfoods can be classified as foods that are superior in terms of their nutritional value or nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being. Even small portions of some superfoods can supply an abundance of vitamins, minerals, proteins, antioxidants and more. Many superfoods contain extraordinary characteristics that can have a variety of health benefits from boosting immunity, treating illness/disease, reducing blood pressure, cutting sugar intake, lowering cholesterol and more.

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30 August 2017

article image Trehalose for Natural Flavor

US food formulators can now label TREHA trehalose as “natural flavor” in most flavor system applications, including beverages and gelato.  Many applications can use up to five percent. TREHA trehalose benefits flavor systems by providing off-note masking, saltiness and citrus enhancement, and flavor stability.  This high-performance ingredient can now facilitate simplified ingredient statements. TREHA trehalose is recognized as GRAS by the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association of the US (FEMA). Nagase recently implemented improvements in the manufacturing process of TREHA to meet the “natural flavor” FDA definition. TREHA trehalose is now produced from non-GM starch using non-GM enzymes. The ingredient also has FDA GRAS status.

08 August 2017

article image A new line of clean label starches

At IFT 2017, Ingredion highlighted how authentic ingredients can be brought to life in appealing new ways under the “Clean & Simple” concept. Clean & Simple showcased how manufacturers can bring expected, accepted and authentic ingredients to life in appealing – and simple – new ways with non-GMO sweeteners, texturizers, proteins, fibers, and functional native starches and flours, including the recently launched HOMECRAFT Create multi-functional rice flours in an alfredo sauce and Creole-Caribbean style pork stew. HOMECRAFT Create multi-functional rice flours offer smooth, silky textures, opacity and homemade appeal, without compromising on the process tolerance and stability manufacturers expect from a modified starch. Applications testing has shown that the rice flours can enhance formulations of baby foods, soups and sauces; dairy alternatives; fruit fillings and snack products; and meats, batters and ready meals, while also offering advantages in the preparation of gluten-free and dairy-free recipes.

21 July 2017

article image New Market Opportunities for Natural Vanillin

Solvay, a leading global provider of vanillin and ethyl-vanillin ingredients, showcased its extensive portfolio of natural and functional vanillin based solutions at IFT 2017. Via a range of exciting prototypes, Solvay will present how it can help manufacturers satisfy the growing consumer demand for ‘natural’ and ‘clean’ label food, beverage and dietary supplements, without compromising on taste. To showcase its deep understanding of "natural" and "functional" requirements, Solvay presented various concepts at the show. “We are committed to developing on-trend vanillin-based solutions including ‘natural’, ‘functional’ and ‘clean-label’ alternatives to vanilla bean extract, particularly at a time when our customers are facing challenges, such as limitation in vanilla supply”, said Edouard Janssen, Sr. Vice President & General Manager of Solvay Aroma Performance, Americas. “We are excited to showcase the opportunities we can offer to visitors at the IFT show. Whether it’s for the dietary supplement, food or beverage categories, we are confident we can provide the perfect functional solution, enhancer or taste masker, whatever the product.”

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