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Bakery Mixes and Other Bakery Products, Emulsifiers and Emulsifier Systems, Fat Replacers, Fibers, Hydrocolloids, Stabilisers and Gelling Systems, Nutraceutical and Functional Food Ingredients, Starch and Starch Products, Sweeteners (Non-Sugar)

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Sweeteners, Texturants and Wellness Ingredients

Tate & Lyle is a global provider of ingredients and solutions to the food, beverage and other industries, operating from over 30 production facilities around the world. Through our large-scale, efficient manufacturing plants, we turn raw materials into distinctive, high quality ingredients for our customers. Our ingredients and solutions add taste, texture, nutrition and increased functionality to products that millions of people around the world use or consume every day. 

Tate & Lyle’s Ingredients platforms are centered on nutritive and high-intensity sweeteners, texturant starches and include nutritionally beneficial fibres to meet evolving dietary trends. 

Tate & Lyle’s Food Systems group is a global leader with a reputation as a fast and flexible provider of customised stabiliser systems and food solutions, 

If you are in the food or beverage industries, we are the partner for you. From 15 research and development centres on 6 continents we support your business with our innovative and highly functional ingredients and food systems, our unique customised services and our exceptional technology consultancy around all aspects of successful food production. 

As one of the longest standing and leading manufacturers of ingredients, we have a long history of helping our customers differentiate and add value.

Find out how Tate & Lyle is good for your business. 

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Business News  07 March 2018

Tate & Lyle transforms Singapore application center into Asia-Pacific hub

07 Mar 2018 --- Tate & Lyle has completed a significant expansion of its laboratory in Singapore, transforming it into a leading-edge hub for food and beverage formulation in the Asia-Pacific region.

Food Ingredients News  06 March 2018

Sugar reduction tops reformulation agenda as UK sugar tax beckons

06 Mar 2018 --- In recent years, a trend for healthier lifestyles has emerged and consumers have become increasingly aware of the ingredients in their food and drinks. As EU sugar consumption figures reach nearly 32kg per person per year, sugar reduction has become the health trend under the spotlight. In fact, one month from today (April 6, 2018), the much-debated sugar tax will come into effect in the UK.

Food Ingredients News  05 March 2018

Tate & Lyle names Horn as US distributor for nutrition

05 Mar 2018 --- Tate & Lyle has named Horn as its preferred national distributor in the US for its specialty ingredients developed for the nutrition industry. Horn is North America’s premier distributor of specialty ingredients and raw materials. The distribution partnership has been operational since March 1, 2018.

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18 September 2017

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New partnership on stevia based ingredients

Tate & Lyle and Sweet Green Fields’ new partnership portfolio of innovative stevia ingredients and solutions was presented for the first time. To help manufacturers tap into the growing trend for sugar reduction and sweeteners from a natural source, Tate & Lyle showcased a special menu to inspire them to use its comprehensive new range of stevia sweeteners. Tate & Lyle and Sweet Green Fields unveiled its comprehensive range of stevia ingredients, which reduce calories cost-effectively in food and drinks, while retaining the same great taste. 

10 July 2017

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New Platforms in Texture

Tate & Lyle is looking to explore an unexploited gap around texture in food product development. "Texture is one of the least understood attributes built into foods and because of that we have been sharing our expertise in texture in how it relates to starch, but more importantly in terms of formulating ingredients into food systems and characterizing them in terms of sensory & consumer facts is really key to getting the outcomes that people really want," says Judith Whaley of Tate & Lyle.  

20 June 2017

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150 Years of Innovation at Starch Facility

This year marks the 150-year anniversary of Tate & Lyle’s oldest starch production facility, known as “Koog,” located along the Dutch River Zaan. Continuously looking to make the next steps in terms of meeting market demands for specialty food ingredients, Tate & Lyle is currently expanding Koog with an eye on further ramping up production of its clean label solutions, and these added facilities are slated to be completed before the end of the year. 

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05 November 2015

Fibre Advantage – Unlock the Benefits of Fibre Like Never Before

The growing awareness of the health benefits of fibre, has prompted consumers to become more conscious of food and beverage products that contain added fibre. Learn what consumers are looking for and how Tate & Lyle’s fibre portfolio addresses manufacturer challenges, to deliver the great taste consumers expect while moving them toward better nutrition.

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29 June 2015

Beverages Made Better with Oat Beta Glucan

Functional beverages are increasingly becoming part of a healthy lifestyle for consumers around the world. Fibre-fortified beverages continue to grow and provide consumers a viable option to fill their fibre intake gap. Learn why oat beta glucan can be an appealing option for manufacturers developing fibre-fortified beverage applications.

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21 March 2014

Three insights to food and beverage product success

Consumers are continually changing their tastes and habits. As food and beverage professionals, you’re under pressure to keep up. From trends to taste to trusted partnerships, Tate & Lyle provides end-to-end insight into developing products that not only meet – but also exceed – consumers’ expectations.

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