Anuga 2017 NPD trends: High protein and vegetable innovation


16 Oct 2017 --- Last week, over 7,400 companies from 107 countries exhibited at Anuga 2017 in Cologne, with a strong focus on new products and innovations. High protein platforms featured strongly on the dairy NPD agenda, with offerings including Greek and skyr options. FoodIngredientsFirst takes a look at some of the highlights.

Dairy innovators eye high protein
High protein platforms continue to feature strongly on the dairy NPD agenda and innovative high protein doses are prominently on show in this year’s Dairy hall, with offerings including Greek and skyr options. Alternatives to cow’s milk can include the more unusual such as camel milk. 

  • With its unique combination of protein and caffeine, Innoprax AG’s Caffè Lattesso Sport (pictured, right) is promoted as the ideal power coffee forClick to Enlarge successful training sessions. 16g of high-quality milk protein ensures the build-up and preservation of muscle mass.
  • Ehrmann GmbH offers Qjo in four different flavors. The Qjo is claimed to be the ideal source of protein for everyone focusing on conscious nutrition and pleasure at the same time.

Drinks differentiation on craft appeal
Having an origin or sourcing story to tell is a great way to stand out in the beverage aisle. The rise of the craft beverage trend has given an interesting marketing boost to small innovators and forced a rethink at some of the big boys. Natural functional beverages, including healthier alternatives to standard energy drinks and stevia-sweetened beverages were also clearly on display.Click to Enlarge

  • CHAi BiRDS (pictured, left) is the first in the line of healthy, powerful teas combined with other natural superfoods: ginger, mint and lime.
  • McCarter a.s. offers Body&Future functional plant milk drinks. The company claims to be opening up a category of functional vegetable-based milks with freshly pressed juices or purée, plant proteins and other functional ingredients.

Vegetables trend in bakery & snacks Click to Enlarge
Healthy snacking was strongly on-trend at this year’s event. The addition of vegetables and ancient grains is particularly prevalent in the Bread & Bakery hall. But indulgence also remains strong with key innovations including the marriage of a croissant and a muffin.

  • Boboli Benelux B.V. launched Veggies Healthy Bread (pictured, right), Full of Vegetables, which are contemporary, colorful breads, based on vegetables.

Sourcing is key for meat innovators
Click to EnlargeThe meat industry is having to be particularly careful and thorough in how it presents a strong sourcing and origin message. Quality and traceability stories are strongly prevalent in this year’s Anuga meat halls. Meat innovators can also differentiate themselves on a snacking platform through the use of on-trend packaging. 

  • Zandbergen World’s Finest Meat has launched The Frozen Butcher Lamb T-Bone Steaks made from lambs born and raised in New Zealand.
  • Taste Inc. 100% Chargrilled Chicken Fillets (pictured, left) is claimed to meet strong consumer snacking demands. The product is promoted as the perfect snack: “high in protein, low in saturated fat, salt and calories.”

The mainstreaming of organic appeal
Organic foods have much more than niche appeal. Many players are benefiting from the advantage that comes from being able to tell a unique sourcing story. This is clear at this year’s Anuga, where the incorporation of ancient grains and the benefits of a raw and paleo positioning are just two differentiation platforms within this dynamic space. 

  • Max Sport s.r.o. presents Raw Paleo Protein, a blend of fruits, nuts, seeds and proteins processed below 42°C to keep all the enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other benefits intact.

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