Alcohol Flavors Move Beyond Beverages

Apr 2015

Alcohol flavors are appearing in highly diverse new application areas that go far beyond the obvious. New tracked products with traditional alcohol flavors can be as diverse as Pina Colada in soup, vodka in marmalade and wine in salt.

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  • 1. Supp Kultur Currysuppe Pina Colada: Pina Colada Style Curry Soup (Germany). Pina colada style curry soup made with coconut milk, pineapple and rum, in a 390ml easy-to-open aluminum can. Use it hot or cold.


Transparency: Sourcing claims

Apr 2018

Ethical claims are an important feature of food and beverage, household items and personal care product marketing. Consumers are increasingly concerned by how their products are produced, where the ingredients come from, if they are sustainably sourced, who the producers are and if they are fairly paid. Sourcing claims are likely to become the new industry standard in new food and beverage products and companies need to be more transparent than ever about their product sources in order to gain consumer’s trust.

Good start: Breakfast options

Apr 2018

Breakfast is the meal that provides the energy and nutrition required to start a new day. Choices can range from the traditional cereals to local, crafted foods. Breakfasts can vary considerably according to region and are the result of culinary, ethnic and cultural influences. With today’s consumers traveling more and demanding increasingly exciting food experiences, manufacturers are being challenged to maintain an interesting and desirable breakfast selection in their portfolios.

Bottoms up: Beverage trends

Mar 2018

Today’s consumers want more from their beverages. They cannot simply hydrate and quench thirst. Though these attributes remain as motivations for consumption, nutrition and health benefits are increasingly key considerations. Furthermore, authenticity is key to stand out from the crowd. New textures, exotic ingredients, unusual flavor combinations and creative packaging are all necessary to catch the eye of the consumer.