Alcohol Flavors Move Beyond Beverages

Apr 2015

Alcohol flavors are appearing in highly diverse new application areas that go far beyond the obvious. New tracked products with traditional alcohol flavors can be as diverse as Pina Colada in soup, vodka in marmalade and wine in salt.

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  • 1. Supp Kultur Currysuppe Pina Colada: Pina Colada Style Curry Soup (Germany). Pina colada style curry soup made with coconut milk, pineapple and rum, in a 390ml easy-to-open aluminum can. Use it hot or cold.


A twist on the classics: Soups and sauces

Aug 2018

Soups and sauces have seen high levels of new product activity in recent years, which reflects consumer interest in a range of cuisines. So, although classic recipes lead the market, there has been rising interest in robust and ethnic flavors. There is also an increased demand for premium and convenient products across the globe.

Herbs and spices: Middle Eastern and African flavors

Aug 2018

Fresh, wholesome, healthy, rich, aromatic – it’s no wonder that the past decade has seen Middle Eastern and African cuisines attract global attention. Herbs and spices are the stars of the show and they are often used in local delicacies such as cheeses, fruits and coffee. With today’s consumers being more adventurous than ever, African and Middle Eastern flavors are predicted to have a bright future.

Vibrant, fresh and clean label: Natural Colors

Jul 2018

Consumers often associate rich colors with freshness, quality and good taste. Natural colors offer benefits as they open up opportunities to deliver vibrantly colored foods with a clean label. Also, in this social media age, vibrant, natural foods are inherently “instagrammable.” Think charcoal, curcumin, beetroot and spirulina.